Project Description

STOW-Solidarity The Only Way is born from the reflection on how we live in times of deep crisis that are affecting the social tissue of the 60 years old European Union, leaving their prints in societal relations among citizens and member states. All the Project’s Partners observed in their small realities how the economic crisis first and then the migrants crisis eroded their solidarity tissue, leaving space to feeling of closure, opposition and even scepticism against European policies, so they decided to set up a partnership for this project, to create a chance to meet and discuss about best practices, existing projects and policies in the field of Solidarity at local and European level and to gather needs and recommendations among citizens.

STOW wants to start from this reflection to set a permanent network for democratic and civic participation, that will keep working after the end of the Project.

Project’s activities are intended to share knowledge and know-how over channels of European solidarity such as volunteering, civil society organisations, foundations, and to reflect how important is the role of EU policies in times of crisis. The work will result in the construction of a catalogue of best practices and in the setting of strategies of resilience for small communities starting from recommendations and needs brought into the Project by local communities.